CAN-Do Awards Celebration

After 6 months of hard work, September 17th. is the night to celebrate @ SOCO, Design Within Reach .

We are proud to have brought three awards and one honor home…


People’s Choice Award - 7,690 votes, total $23,000 raised.

Thanks to all of our sponsor companies, WATG & R.D. Olson employees’ personal contributions!

Most Cans Award - 11,500 cans in total.

Structural Ingenuity Award - with organic shapes and varies cantilevers, the structure is still standing today, everyone who passed by are impressed.

Thanks to our in house structure engineer - Nahid, Dan, Qing, Ivana, and Hubert.

The Fifth Year Honor - This is also the fifth year we participated in OC CANstruction.

We want to thank all the previous leaders who shared their experience and help us succeed today.

Thank you to our team and all the members who participated this year:

The Fifth Year Honor

The Fifth Year Honor

Structural Ingenuity

Structural Ingenuity

Most Cans

Most Cans


Carolyn C.

Ivana R.

Qing Z.

Kristy M. (R.D.Olson)

Jessica L. (R.D.Olson)

Hubert N. & family

Nahid K.

Theo L.

Tong W.

Daniel Y.

Mat E. (R.D.Olson)

John R. (R.D.Olson)

Kyle N. (R.D.Olson)

Maggie S. & family

Dan P. & family

Jason & family

Elijah Y.

Yuhan B.

Rob N.

Vincent T.

Monica C.

Mark Y.

Nico Y.

Yidan Z.

Tia & family

Dorene T.

Thao T.

Sarah C.

Michael C.

Linda T.

Sherwin M.

Judith C.

Ali & family

Floral & family

Xiaomin & family

Leslie V.

Terry C.

Wimberley W.

Angela & family

Greg V. & family

Matt K.

Rochelle M.

Tim Z.

Changhua W.

Daniel B.

and everyone in WATG & R.D. Olson family…

Our sponsor LDA who came helping for build night:

Chip I. & family

Varma N.

Honorable members:

Shailee D., Ingrid H., Bowen L., Mo S., Audrey W., Kyle W., Chelsy C., Pat P., Wendy N.

and more…

Special Thanks to our top personal donors’ donation:

Anthony M.

Bradford M.

Perry B.

Tom F.

Elijah Y.

Juan D.

Greg V.

Peter P.

Helen C.

Monica M.

Bryan A.

and more…


Thank you everyone and see you in two years!

WATG CANstruction