What is OC Canstruction?

The low down on OC Canstruction can be found here.


What am I donating to?

We take your monetary donations and use them to purchase cans and supplies that go directly towards building our CANstruction structures. At the end of the event any leftover monetary donation is donated back to the OC Food Bank. All monetary gifts are eligible for tax receipts from the OC food bank.


Does WATG or r.d CONSTRUCTION gain any monetary benefit for doing this?

Absolutely not! WATG and R.D Construction are both volunteering their staff's time & effort to putting this event together. NEITHER Companies are non profit organizations and this event is led/coordinated through OC Canstruction.


Can I donate cans?

Of course! We welcome all can donations as they will all be going towards a good cause! However, due to the momentous coordination effort required, we ask that can donations be dropped off at either the WATG, Irvine or R.D Construction Irvine offices. Unfortunately, we are unable to coordinate can donation pick-ups. For more info, please contact us here.



Can I get a tax receipt for my donation?

Absolutely! All monetary donations are eligible for charitable donation receipts from the OC Food Bank. The OC Food Bank will issue tax receipts for the numbers of cans in equivalent of the money you donated through WATG & R.D.Olson CANstruction team. W-9 forms can be provided from OC Food Bank upon request. However, since this project spans over 5 months, we do ask that you be patient with us. This means that tax receipts will not be released until November after the CANstruction Event.


If I can't donate money, how else can I help?

We are always looking for volunteers for a variety of efforts. We are currently soliciting volunteers for our marketing/fundraising, practice builds & Build Night Volunteers.


When can I come see your CANSTRUCTION?

Excellent question! TBA.